“Raizes” its a 100% Portuguese brand that is looking for making proud the previous generations, being the representation of the family history that started in 1925 when Adelina Rafael Serralheiro founded the first company.

These new collections of shoes for men and women with casual and classic looks are developed by experienced hands. Everything is made with love and passion, using the traditional methods originating an excellent product.

The technique that is used is the same of Goodyear Welt, considered the best. It provides a total comfort and protection and also high durability to the shoes.
Quality, comfort and uniqueness are our major goals: “like is each pair of shoes is the first and the last one.” The shoes for life!”.
All the models are designed with character and personality. Together with the know-how and proven quality of the raw materials used, creates de driving force for the unique registration of the brand: uniqueness of high quality.

Benedita is a well-known village strongly linked to the shoe industry. This is something that characterizes the village, being considered “the land of shoemakers”.

Born and raised with these influences, our founders had this desire of create something unique that comes from the heart and that links the tradition and modernity. They awake our senses and memories through the touch and smell, using high quality products. This brand has its own roots.

RAÍZES – With love and tradition is born from the natural boost of our land, this is now the 4th generations working on this industry, making proud the previous generations. Having always in mind the connection between experience and modernity, “RAIZES – With love and tradition” it’s a high quality answer to the people that is independent and active. It’s a brand for who takes care of their image and that falls in love for a reliable and comfortable product.